Electronicount is a distributor of Electronic Components based in France, covering electronic parts request / shortages from the Manufacturer (OEM) and the Subcontractors (CM) . Being a Distributor based in Paris, specializes in the distribution of Electronic Components, allow us to have a Footprint over several continents. Using our global sourcing we help the Electronic manufacturer and the subcontractors in their request for obsolete parts and urgent need. In another side, we post your excess in electronic parts online for free (upload here), trying to save money and to give a 'second value' to those stocks. Efficiency, Quality, Reliability, is the main area of focus and the main words of Electronicount.


​Electronicount acknowledge that Counterfeit parts are present in the electronic domain, especially when sometimes they are coming from the 'open market' (internet, broker...). Trying to recycle it or to make a lucrative business by falsifying, the result is the same, the quality will be affected. It can be really difficult to detect it, as it can become an ordinary part in the market. The quality control is a set of activities in order to check the quality of the product.


Electronicount try to assist you for your electronics shortages (here). Either it's for an end-life or obsolete electronics components, or for your urgent need. We try to be as efficient as the Franchised Distributor (Arrow, Avnet...) whenever the part is obsolete or the lead time is considerable, as we always ask for an original part at the shortest delay. Electronicount source for you your active, passive and Electromechanical electronic components