About Us


Distributor of Electronic Components

Electronicount, is a global distributor of electronic components for different domains such as medical, telecom, aviation, transports, electronic industry...We try to assist our customer for their requirements and shortages through our worldwide network, at the shortest time. We supply all kinds of electronic components either it's an active, passive or electromechanical part.

Electronicount can assist you for different request:

  • For obsolete : it means that this it's due to an old technology and not anymore produced by the Manufacturer.

  • To reduce a considerable lead time : this is still produced but not on the priority of the Manufacturer.

  • For a saving price: in order to save costs for recurrent request part present in the market, in order to get a more affordable price .

Finally, Electronicount help you as well by posting your Excess Stock of Electronic Components Online, thereby minimize your financial lost impact.

Based in France at Paris, Electronicount is your partner for the distribution of electronic components



​We post excess of electronic parts online, for Free. Globally viewed it can give a second value to the list, leave spaces in the warehouse and recovers some financial expenses.

This Excess can be due by:

  • a minimum order quantity from supplier
  • a wrong Forecasting
  • by an end of Contract by the Customer
  • a new Technology which replaces the last one
  • keeping some parts in case of future demands or maintenance due to warranty for example.

We can propose different solutions for the list depending on our and your need and the market.


We source active, passive or electromechanical parts, at the shortest possible delay. This can be for a component end-life when this part becomes obsolete, or for urgent need.

Electronicount consider that each electronic shortage from OEM CM is important, as it can stop the line production. A representative will try to support you, we can cover several continents which can give us the opportunity and the ability to supply your part.

This shortage can be caused by:

  • More demand in the market or new customers
  • Wrong forecasting

  • Allocation from the manufacturer to another customer

  • Disaster

  • Part non-produce anymore (Obsolete part)

  • Lead time considerable from the Manufacturer

We try to be as efficient as the franchised (Arrow, Avnet...) whenever the part is obsolete or the lead time is considerable as we always ask for the original part at the  shortest delay


We offer the possibility to consign the part in your warehouse if you want to sell your inventory. We market us for you worldwide, and whenever a customer wants to buy one of your parts we come back to you. In this case, you are still the owner of the inventory and can use if needed the parts. It can be a better approach for your financial aspect and shortages. (Excess line by line)